Bio-Energetic Reset

Bio-Energetic Reset

The Bio-Energetic Reset is a sound healing modality, that treats ones entire being on all levels of the human expression. Mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically.

Vibration in the form of sound, is widely known for its effects on the human anatomy. Music in its various expressions have the profound ability to evoke emotions and feelings. We have all experienced when certain tones can be pleasurable and calming, whilst others can be irritating or disturbing. 

In what is known as Cymatics, vibration is observed in its effects on matter, in that when particular frequencies are sounded, objects like sand or water will take on the form of geometric patterns. Being that our bodies are predominantly made up of water, vibration and sound has a direct effect on our cellular structure. With the use of specific frequencies of vibration to and around the body, greater health and wellbeing can be brought to ones body, mind and spirit through sound healing.

How the bio-Energetic reset works

With the application of a large shamanic drum that is sounded over the body, the deep pulses of sonic vibration shake every cell in the body, causing then to release toxins, both physically and energetically. The drum bath is very pleasurable and deeply calming, helping to reduce stress levels, inflammation  and discomfort.

After the drum bath, life conducive harmonics known as solfeggio frequencies are sounded over, and on the body. This further clears toxic energies from the auric field of the body, and helps to balance and enhance the effective function of the 7 personal chakras. This is achieved with the use of 9 differently tuned, tuning forks. At this stage, one drops deeper into a relaxed state of receptivity, allowing the healing frequencies to easily move through the physical and energy bodies.

The way in which the tuning forks are applied is unique to the Bio-Energetic Reset. The forks are sounded and spun into the chakras. The spin creates an overtone which is a very healing harmonic within the frequency. The spinning of the forks encourages the spin of the chakras which is vital for their health.

The Bio-Energetic Reset can help to;

Reduce stress or anxiety

Ease inflammation 

Boost energy levels

Eleviate pain

Create clarity and focus

Clear energy blockages

Elevate mood

Cultivate deeper spiritual awareness

Reset and strengthen the entire energetic system 

The experience itself is very calming and enjoyable, and leaves you with a greater sense of feeling centred and grounded in ones own being.