Castle Hill Cosmic Solstice

Welcome to Castle Hill Cosmic Grid Activation


Every 12,000 years a monumental Wave of Plasma bursts through the Galactic Centre, through our sun, and into our Earth Grids, heralding in a monumental change in consciousness on the planet.

December 20, 2020, heralds the start of 4 years of incredible Plasma waves coming to our planet.  This is the first Bow wave of a series, arcing its way to the planet Cosmologically and intelligently designed to usher in a new age of consciousness.

These waves of incredible light intelligence will spontaneously awaken new planetary grids and architecture that will build a new morphogenetic field of planetary consciousness that our species will organize ourselves off.

Remember EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, and as faster waves of light enter our planet these set in motion higher organizing principles of COHERENCE. And let’s face it something our species needs right now.


Right now our planet is going through a remarkable metamorphosis, a transformation evolution to hit the next highest energetic template.

She is evolving.

Please read further with our teacher beloved Christof Melchizedek. He will be in taranaki for the transmission.

Devī and Saddhanta will be taking bringing a group together for this powerful transmission in the South Island, Castle hill.

If you would like join us, please email, call or register below. Our Facebook page. or

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