Plant Medicine Journeys

Realisation, Healing, Transformation

The path to realisation is the journey that takes you from Understanding to Inner-standing

This personal healing retreat, is one in which you are provided with the support and environment to deeply explore the very core of your being. It is an experience of the unbridled heart that returns you to your true self, through realisation, healing and transformation.

The Full Immersion Healing package Includes:

The 7 hour guided sacred medicine healing journey retreat 

Post journey, healing integration session with Saddhanta

The full day sacred medicine immersion allows you the opportunity to see through all of the programming and conditioning of your life, which then enables you to feel into the true essence of your being. 

The guidance of the shaman assists you in your sacred journey of the soul, to help you avoid the pitfalls and distractions of the ego (the inner neurotic voice). Through this process you will discover the innate power and joy that is already within you, waiting to be embraced and expressed.

The post journey coaching sessions ensure that you not only have an experience of healing, but rather the healing experience becomes a fully integrated part of you day to day life.

The Medicine

The sacrament that you will journey with, is one that has been revered and respected by many cultures around the world for as long has history can be accounted.

It is safe, in that it is non toxic to the body, and yet is profoundly effective in rewiring the brain for a more positive perspective and experience of life.

The Medicine pulls back the veils of illusion that are created within the psyche, granting you the ability to see your inner most truth and essence with clarity and peace that goes beyond the minds conditioning and programs.

The Setting

The space, provides you with with an environment conducive for healing and self inquiry. All that you need for a safe and transformative experience is provided for you. This is a sacred space that allows you to drop all the cares of the world, and gives you the opportunity to bring all your energies back to the most important part of your life, YOU!

The Shaman

Saddhanta has a deep relationship and experience with the sacred medicines. It has taken many years of personal healing, inquiry and courage to create a format of facilitation that gives the recipient a deep and meaningful experience for self transformation. A shamanic healing container is opened by Devi and Saddhanta which sets the atmosphere for your healing journey.

Devi is also present on the day. She holds beautiful space and support on the day.

The Experience 

You will travel to places within yourself that are cosmic in scope, profound in depth, and beautiful to behold. This journey shatters all expectations, and yet delivers realisations of the self that are rarely reached in ones lifetime. The experience leaves you with a lasting and grounded perspective on life that shines a greater sense of positivity and will to accept the things that you cannot change, and the courage to face the things that you can change.

Those that have taken this journey in this format that is offered, have agreed that it is one of the most extraordinary experiences of their life.

You will receive: 

Full support and guidance

QFT coaching/healing sessions (in person or online)

The medicines 

A warm and comfortable environment

Kangen water

Sound frequency healing

Bio energetic reset

The investment

The energy exchange for the The Full Immersion Sacred Medicine Healing Retreat is $1111

We have payment plans available if you require, 3 months ($370) or 6 month ($186) options.

To book this personal healing journey for yourself please email

Please provide a few sentences as to why you feel this sacred journey would be good for you and what it is you are hoping it can help you with.

You are also welcome to call Saddhanta  (+64) 21 550 639 or Devi (+64) 27 643 4447

Let there be light

Devi & Saddhanta