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Devi & Saddhanta offer Neo holistic healing that will allow you to experience a physical, energetic, spiritual and soul healing

Our Services

• Neo-Shamanic Healing

• Quantum Freedom Therapy (QFT)

• Bowen/Fascia Healing

• Placenta Encapsulation

• Plant Medicine Journeys

Diagnostic Kinesiology 

Remote Energy Healing

Fascia Release Therapy

Vibrational Energy Medicine

Bio-Energetic Reset

Group Healing Transmissions

Yoga Classes

Coaching Support

Our Beliefs

Living essence is a holistic alternative service of healing modalities to support and nourish each individual with their own healing & spiritual journey and support them back to high vibration living and their true personal essence.

Bowen Therapy


QFT Course


Neo Shamanic Healing


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Living Essence

Devi & Saddhanta Ananada

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