QFT Beginners Courses 2022

The beginners online course in Quantum Freedom Therapy 

You can enrol now for the next two day Online Beginner’s QFT Course.

Weekend Online QFT course available dates 2022

September 10th / 11th

The QFT beginners course package includes a complimentary QFT healing session with Saddhanta valued at $99NZ.

It is an enrolment fee of $333 for the two day course payable to Living essence (bank deposit) if you are paying it off please make sure you ref your name. Payment options available.

03-1700-0329987-001 – Living Essence

Please use your last name as reference. 

Upon receiving first payment you will be emailed the QFT practice manual to study before the one day tuition. This will help you to become familiar with the script and allow for more time for guidance and refinement of the therapy delivery and learning on the day of the course. 

The application of QFT to an aspirant is with the intention to:

  • Bring calm and equanimity to a life event or situation.
  • Feel into things whilst letting the emotional charge dissipate that is associated with it.
  • Make peace with oneself and others in regards to the experience of life.
  • Cultivate acceptance through the understanding that there is no separation.
  • Adopt a mystic world view for self realisation and universal perspective.
  • Allow healing to become a natural state of letting go.
  • Identify the ego traits and soul essence expression.
  • Find ones true true identity outside of social structure and cultural conditioning.
  • Bring physical relief to acute and chronic health issues
  • Cut ties and attachments to instabilities and addictions
  • Transmute internal negative energies into positive higher frequencies 

It is most beneficial to have experienced a QFT session for yourself before learning its technique, but is not a prerequisite to the course. Please contact Saddhanta to book a session before training takes place if you are able. 021550639

The beginners course is to equip you with the skills to administer QFT to friends and family. If you want to take this to a practitioners level, a QFT certification course will be available for enrolment. For some they may have a natural knack for the technique and will find they can integrate what they learn on the one day course into their professional practice if they so feel. QFT is safe and effective and brings the aspirant into a state for positive change.

Day 1 The course will start with an opening ceremony ,demonstration of the method followed by an explanation and breakdown of its various elements. After a short break there will be an opportunity for questions to be answered. We will go into the first rounds of practice and reviews, and Q&A

Day 2 we will cover the homework set for the night before. We will have a second demonstration and Q&A. We will then practice a specific meditation and energy preparation. We will then have another round of practice and Q&A.

I look forward to assisting in your learning and skill development.

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda


Please email us or leave your details below. If you can leave your email & phone number please.

Online QFT Practitioner Certification Course

TBC / Dates & Cost.

To Qualify to do the Practitioners Certification, you will need to have first completed the beginners online course

Becoming a certified Quantum Freedom Therapy Practitioner, will equip you with the insight, skill, and tools to help people experience deep transformation, self-realisation and healing”

– Saddhanta Ananda


The creator of Quantum Freedom Therapy, Saddhanta Ananda has developed this 6 to 12 month certification course with the vision of having competent, effective and highly trained practitioners of QFT all over the world. You can be certified and practicing in as little as 6 months, or have up to 12 months to complete the content and required case studies.

Quantum Freedom Therapy is a finely developed modality combining the powerfully transformative methods of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), and Conversational Hypnosis. QFT is also a practical application of mysticism and spiritual insight that encourages ones journey back to the heart, and helps to preserve the quality of the felt experience of life.

Quantum Freedom Therapy helps people to realise the cause of their disfunction, remove the emotional attachment, and reset the neural-bio-system, to encourage self-healing, emotional balance and allow the freedom to simply be themselves. It is a wholistic therapy that assists the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual elements of the human being. Thus encouraging growth, healing and connection to self and source.

QFT can help in the treatment of

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Illness
  • Pain
  • Addiction
  • Trauma
  • limiting beliefs

As well as assist in

  • Spiritual awakening
  • Self-realisation
  • Heart centred living

QFT is safe and gentle, yet deeply transformative for anyone seeking to improve their life.

Practitioners course

The Quantum freedom Therapy online content and live classes are all taught by Saddhanta Ananda; so you can be sure that you are supported a guided through your learning experience in the best way possible; ensuring your success and growth, and the possibility of a new vocation as a Quantum Freedom Therapist

Upon completing the course you will be given a certificate of completion and competency. This will allow you to advertise and charge for your services as a qualified and endorsed QFT practitioner.

The course consists of a live weekly class video call. Online teaching videos. Live class replays. Learning material and printouts. Daily devotionals. Case study reviews. 2 Personal QFT sessions with Saddhanta, and ongoing support and QFT community access.

Over 12 months you have access all the aspects of QFT lessons and material. Those being:

  • Set and setting
  • The aspirant and practitioner connection
  • What is taking place energetically and neurologically in a session
  • The tapping technique, application and best practice
  • Approaching healing and change through mysticism
  • Live QFT sessions with Saddhanta and a volunteer student
  • Q & A
  • QFT script PDF
  • Full QFT session examples
  • Personal emotional release guided meditation audio
  • 180 days of mystic insight memes
  • Emotion Identification lessons
  • Energetic protocols in QFT
  • Verbal cadence and hypnotic suggestion
  • Step back mediation
  • Heart/Mind coherence guided meditation
  •   Weekly class calls
  •   All weekly class replays
  • The Beloveds Prophesy PDF, by Saddhanta Ananda
  • Suggested listening and reading
  • Relationship healing with QFT.
  • Understanding unity through duality.
  • Mystic discussion and insights.
  • Personalising QFT scripts.
  • Applying QFT you own way
  • Goddess induction protocol
  • Angelic induction protocol
  • Immunity Boost protocol
  • Client interaction and follow ups
  • Building rapport skills.
  • Integrating energy work into sessions
  • Settling clients through mystic insight
  • Beloveds prophesy discussions
  • Trouble shooting
  • Sharing of student personalised scripts
  • Celebration blessing
  • Facilitating guided meditation
  • Understanding the dynamics of self healing
  • Understanding and using intuition
  • Client acquisition and retention
  • Personal QFT sessions with Saddhanta
  • Qualify for the Masters in QFT
  • QFT community member
  • Ongoing support

TBC – Dates/Cost.

Contact Living Essence NZ for course dates and registration details, and to enquire about payment plans.

Phone:  Saddhanta 021550639

Email: livingessencenz@gmail.com

Visit our site: www.livingessencenz.com

Bank Details.   03-1700-0329987-001

Name for reference please 🙂

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