Devi & Saddhanta Ananda

Welcome precious soul to this space of conscious connection, inquiry and heart centred service.

After eons and lifetimes of cosmic exploration these twin flames Devī Ānanda and Sāddhanta Ānanda have in this life joined in soul and body on this earth plane reality to serve in love, gratitude, and peace, the heart of the existence that we all share. p

Living essence is a holistic alternative service of healing modalities to support and nourish each individual with their own healing journey and support them back to them back to high vibration living and personal essence.

Please feel free to explore this page as it grows in content and service, and know that we gladly invite any questions and inquiries that you may have.

Devī & Sāddhanta share a genuine heart for those that seek a life of higher conscious exploration. From body to soul. From physical to spiritual. From dream to awakening. Devī & Sāddhanta wish to bring enlightenment to your entire being!


Aroha nui

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