Devi & Saddhanta Ananda

Welcome precious soul to this space of conscious connection, inquiry and heart centred service.

After eons and lifetimes of cosmic exploration these twin flames Devī Ānanda and Sāddhanta Ānanda have in this life joined in soul and body on this earth plane reality to serve in love, gratitude, and peace, the heart of the existence that we all share. p

Living essence is a holistic alternative service of healing modalities to support and nourish each individual with their own healing journey and support them back to them back to high vibration living and personal essence.

Please feel free to explore this page as it grows in content and service, and know that we gladly invite any questions and inquiries that you may have.

Devī & Sāddhanta share a genuine heart for those that seek a life of higher conscious exploration. From body to soul. From physical to spiritual. From dream to awakening. Devī & Sāddhanta wish to bring enlightenment to your entire being!

Namaste, aroha nui

Saddhanta Ananda

Saddhanta Ananda was birthed, Kori Reardon, in kaikoura New Zealand, 1975. Upon reuniting with his beloved and twin flame Nicola Bell in this earth time reality, on September of 2019, their spiritual journeys merged and accelerated under the lions gate portal. 

From his mediations and awareness of his Guru, Osho, Kori gifted Nicola her spiritual Sanskrit name Devi Ananda, Meaning the ‘blissful divine feminine’, and from his mergence and experience of ‘Devi’, his spiritual name Saddhanta Ananda (from Siddhanta), meaning the ‘established doctrine of bliss’, came to him out of the realm of intuition.

Saddhanta is a intuitive spiritual guide and teacher, connecting with earthly souls and encouraging their awakening process, and helping the individual to find their original soul calling.

In his journey to here, he has fathered two children, written poetry and music, run businesses, worked with his hands and tasted all of the struggles and strains that life can present.

The first spiritual awakening took place in 1996, with a dramatic encounter with the essence of the universe (what some call God) on a leisurely visit to the supermarket. This set Kori on the seekers path to try and understand what had taken place in him and why god would bring his attention to the unseen dimensions of spirit.

He became a life coach in 2016 and has helped many souls awaken to life in its essence, and navigate themselves out of illness, anxiety, depression and addiction.

Devi & Saddhanta’s gift to the world is themselves, in the openness of union through love and understanding of the feminine and masculine divine in unity.   


Devi Ananda

Born in Christchurch, I have 3 siblings including an identical twin. Loving parents. I was a very sensitive child that experienced every element of emotions. Gifted with feeling & seeing energy; but it would take 38 years to use those gifts beautifully.

Like many, my sensitivity and empathic gifts gave me a roar childhood. Which meant I had to learn things fast, and experience life to its depths. Late teens became passionate about sport and rowed for NZ and played many sports for Canterbury. Studying sport science, advanced Bowen therapy, yoga, placenta encapsulation, & energy healing.

Travelled overseas at 23yrs old, spent 8 years in the UK, and 8 years on the Gold Coast. Self-employed throughout that period with Bowen clinics, teaching yoga, holistic health & energy healing.

The best gift from God are my 3 young children all under 7. Such diving beings that truly teach us. This is how I became passionate about postpartum health and now include placenta encapsulation to support new mums.

I left my husband a couple of years ago, I came from an abusive relationship. With this experience I set my karmac path right and learnt how to set boundaries. I believe through these tough times we learn our best skills and also how to deal with our personal fear and how to search for what we really want in our life.

Learning to love myself was key and raising my vibrations to attract what I new I deserved and what I felt I was here to do in this lifetime.

My personal awakening has been happening for a long time and by raising my vibration and loving myself fully I met my twin fame over a year ago now. Saddhanta Ananda now my beloved fiance, I wish I could put into words the experiences we have had together. The one thing I do know is that our union is here to serve other like minded beings and in doing so raise the consciousness on the beautiful planet for healthy happy Living.


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