Devi and Saddhanta live together in Christchurch New Zealand, with their 5 children. They are supported through the mentorship of their dear friend and teacher Christof Melchizedek, Founder of the Neo-Shamanic Society, international healing arts school. Devī & Saddhanta are also mentors to the new students of the Neo-Shamanic Society. 

Not only do they love helping people to heal, but they are passionate about equipping people with the skills and knowledge to heal themselves and others. 

For them, being Shamanic healers is not only their vocation, it is a lifestyle. Their understanding of vibration, frequency and energy is always considered in their everyday living. With a family of 7 beings, Devī & Saddhanta are always conscious of energetic influences within their household, and draw upon their shamanic skills to keep their family container as clear and clean as possible.

Devī & Saddhanta were brought together in mid 2019. Prior to that, they had both been on their individual spiritual path of self discovery, learning and healing for decades. With their shared love and compassion for humanity they created Living Essence NZ in early 2020. They have experienced rapid grown and expansion in their family, business and community since their union. The relationships that they build with their clients and students are very dear to them, and so they find themselves very committed to the Living Essence community.

Their approach to health and wellness is holistic. They understand that the human being is multi-dimensional in its expression and experience. Body work is assisted with vibrational energy medicine. Sound healing is adopted when needed as well as cognitive healing therapies to help balance the mind and emotions. With the application of intuitive and psychic insights and mystic wisdoms, perspectives and perceptions are shifted into a more heart coherent way of living.

Devī Ananda is well travelled, and experienced in the healing arts. She learnt and practiced massage and Bowen therapy in her early twenties. She has always been passionate about wholistic health, building a great knowledge of nutritional and lifestyle practices. In her mid twenties she became a certified Bikram Yoga teacher. She was a New Zealand representative in woman’s rowing, and enjoyed playing rugby, basketball, and cross-country running at high levels. 

Devī has a profound ability to see into the the unseen realms of a persons energetic anatomy. In session she can see into a persons timeline to locate imprints and influences that are having a detrimental effect on a persons life. With this insight she can effectively remove emotional charges and energy blocks to heal the timeline and even clear karmic activity. She connects beautifully with the guides, both of her own and her aspirants

Saddhanta Ananda Has had a colourful experience of life. He is a musician, songwriter and producer, has been involved in health and fitness since a teen, and has achieved high performance in Judo and Brazilian Jiu jitsu. He has been self employed for most of his working life, and through his career in the construction industry, learned the importance of conscious living and healing in very practical and grounded ways, for everyday people.

He had a profound spiritual awakening at 21, that saw him taking the path of the mystic. He became a certified Life Coach in 2016, to better help his employees self development, which eventually saw him leaving the trades to become a full time life coach and healer. Saddhanta has the ability to quickly shift a persons perspective on life through his mystical insight and his QFT modality.

Devī & Saddhanta have a blended family. Devi bringing three young children and Saddhanta’s two teenagers. With the everyday responsibilities of a busy household and lifestyle, their children keep them very grounded and established in life on earth, while unified and active in the dynamic spiritual and energetic aspects of the unseen realms. For Devī & Saddhanta, the importance of living a life that is balanced in the material and spiritual worlds is essential. Their heart is where heaven meets earth.

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