Fascia Practitioners Course

Course Dates:

23rd – 24th March 2023 – Module 1/2

18th – 19th May 2023 – Module 3/4

1st – 2nd June 2023 – Module 5/6

TBC – Module 7/8

$597 Weekends ( pay per weekend ) and  3 / 6 month payment options.

Total $2388  ( 1-8 modules )

Pay full ( $2111 ) save $277

Fascia Therapy is hands on activations over fascia & energy healing. With activations over energy points, muscles, tendons, nerves and meridians on the human body.

The gentle activations create a harmonic vibration throughout the body supporting homeostasis and rebalance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


Fascia Therapy can help with:


Back issues

Bed wetting

Bladder problems

Digestive issues


Foot problems

Frozen shoulder

Headaches (including migraines)

Knee and hip problems

Menstrual problems

Balancing Chakras

Emotional balancing

Fascia Therapy balances the subtle energy body of Yin & Yang.  The gentle activations bring the body back to equilibrium. The rebalancing of the chakra system which allows a sense of joy & heart coherence in the human energy field.

Only a few activations and the body drops into a deep state of relaxation.  The autonomic nervous system calms & grounds.  The aspirant can release and let go of the stress they are holding onto easily.  

Devi Ananda has been an advanced practitioner of Fascia Therapy for the past 17 years. She has found using fascia therapy to be a fast, safe, non invasive therapeutic modality for everyone.  It approaches the physical body in a slow mindful & conscious approach.   

The Practitioners Course ( 8 spaces available )

Over 8 modules you will cover the foundation activations of Fascia Therapy which supports up to 80% of acute & chronic problems.

Modules 1/2 • March 23/24

Modules 3/4 • May 18/19

Modules 5/6 • June 1/2

Module 7/8 • TBC

Devi’s intention is to develop successful & confident practitioners. Once qualified there will be on going opportunities to develop your personal business & practise moving forward.

If you would like to experience this therapy I would suggest booking in with Devi 

Cost Course:  ( Please note payment options are available )

$597 Weekends ( pay per weekend ) and  3 / 6 month payment options.

Total $2388  ( 1-8 modules )

Pay full ( $2111 ) save $277

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