Living Essence offers holistic modalities to encourage the innate natural healing process and on going support

We offer a range of treatments and healing’s that allow each individual to rediscover their true vibrancy and inner healthy happy essence

Advanced Bowen Therapy

Bowen Technique is a gentle hands-on-bodywork therapy, which involves a sequence of light, safe, non-invasive, yet dynamic moves on specific areas of connective tissue (muscle, tendon or nerve plexus) with frequent pauses and can be done on anyone from newborn infants to frail care elderly.

This technique is believed to flow in harmony with the subtle energies of the body and sets up vibrational energy patterns with specific frequencies which affect particular parts of the body. It addresses the body as a whole unit and encourages an integrated response by balancing and re-aligning the body on all levels of the physical, chemical, emotional and mental aspects.

This technique was developed by the late Mr Thomas A. Bowen (1916-1982) in Geelong, Australia. After World War 2, he continued with his pursuit in finding ways of alleviating human suffering and began to notice that certain moves done on the body in a specific sequence on the body had particular effects. Over a period of time he developed the system as it is used today, claiming that is was a ‘gift from God’. The Original Bowen Technique is wholly original in that it is not derived from any other modality.

The fact that Bowen Technique has spread rapidly throughout the rest of the world with thousands of qualified practitioners in over 26 countries, and the fact that the results speak for themselves, is having a positive and healthy impact here in South Africa, where it has been introduced a few years ago.


How can it help me?

There are a number of conditions in which the Bowen technique is said to be helpful. These include back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. People may also seek treatment for respiratory conditions and headaches. Even injured athletes find the method helpful as remedial therapy during recovery. It is also worth noting that due to the therapy’s nature, the Bowen technique can be useful for people of all ages.

Here are a number of conditions that the therapy is said to help:

  • allergies
  • back issues
  • bed wetting
  • bladder problems
  • digestive issues
  • fatigue 
  • foot problems
  • frozen shoulder
  • headaches (including migraines)
  • knee and hip problems
  • menstrual problems

How many sessions will I need?

Session length will differ depending on individual circumstances, but typically you can expect a session to last between 45 minutes to an hour.

In order to get the most out of your sessions, your therapist may recommend having two or three consecutive sessions every other week. This will give you a chance to gain a true perspective on how you respond to the therapy. If you want to continue after that, it’s considered normal to have sessions spaced even further apart.

In some cases, people have reported side effects to Bowen treatment. These include flu-like symptoms, headaches, stiffness and tiredness. Holistic health practitioners have long recognised a process which they refer to as the ‘healing crisis’. Tom Bowen described this process as the body ‘resetting itself’. While the body is working to eliminate stress and toxins, the Bowen technique is addressing the root issues. In some cases, these issues rise to the surface in the form of a ‘healing crisis’, reminding us that there is unfinished business.

Even if you experience a reaction, it’s important to persevere with the treatment. Discuss any side effects with your therapist. They will then be able to provide you with appropriate advice such as exercising, drinking water or other tips to help you with your symptoms.

Although everyone will respond differently to treatment, on average most people experience improvement after three to four sessions. There will be exceptions when you may need to extend the number of sessions you have. This could be the case if you have a longstanding condition. In either case, however, it’s recommended that you continue to see your Bowen therapist every few months even after experiencing positive results to maintain good health.

What does a Bowen therapist do?

The first step to take when considering Bowen treatment would be to book an initial consultation. This will give the therapist an opportunity to find out about your medical history and what problems you would like to get treated for. This will then enable them to assess your situation and form a personalised treatment plan.

In terms of what to wear, Bowen can be applied to both bare skin and through loose and light clothing. If either yourself or your therapist has specific requirements, it can be discussed in the initial consultation.

Before you start, your therapist may ask you to drink water due to the technique requiring fully hydrated cells and tissues.

During the session, you will usually lie on a therapy bed or table. The therapist will apply subtle, relaxing rolling moves across particular muscle groups, tendons and ligaments. A feature of Bowen is that between sets of movements the therapist will leave the room or quietly sit down and allow you to rest. The interval allows the body to make a decision about what action needs to be taken in response to the given moves.

Once treatment is complete you will usually be asked to drink more water before being advised of possible physical and emotional changes you may experience.

Follow-up consultations will include a progress review and possible reassessment if you need further or more advanced treatment.

Bowen is suited to everyone, time to get balancde and great health please call or contact us below.


Placenta Encapsulation

Consuming your placenta postpartum has abounding benefits for the postpartum woman. Some of the amazing things that it can help with are:  • Lessening the risk of postpartum hemorrhage and lessening the lochia phase.  • Providing the hormones human placental lactogen and prolactin to assist with your milk coming in sooner and maintaining a healthy supply throughout your nursing relationship.  • Replenishing iron lost from birth and preventing post-birth anemia. Low iron levels can lead to depressive symptoms in a new mother.  • Balancing out your hormone levels until the body is able to regulate on its own.  • Providing natural pain relief from the labor and birthing process.  • The placenta helps your uterus return to pre-pregnancy size.  • Lending you a consistent flow of oxytocin (the bonding and euphoric hormone).  • Replenishing your B-Vitamins and offering your body protein for energy.  • Protection from infection due to retained placenta or bacteria in the uterus. 
Your placenta is perfectly made for you, by you! It is an amazing organ created to nourish baby in the womb and the postpartum mother.

Devi provides a boutique service based in Christchurch, she supports new mums with placenta capsules and tinctures for a positive postpartum health journey.

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Quantum Freedom Therapy

QFT is a finely developed therapy combining the powerfully transformative methods of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), and Conversational Hypnosis.

The developer of Quantum Freedom Technique, Saddhanta Ananda has achieved profound and lasting results, using QFT to treat the devastating effects of fear, trauma and pain that so many people carry in their life.

QFT helps the aspirant to realise the cause of their disfunction, remove the emotional attachment, and reset the mental bio-system, to encourage self-healing, emotional balance and the the freedom to simply be themselves.

QFT can help in the treatment of

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Illness
  • Pain
  • Addiction
  • and Trauma

QFT is safe and gentle, yet deeply transformative for anyone seeking to improve their life.

It is never too late to heal your past and empower your future.

The Problem of the past

The reason that people act and function the way that they do today, is in direct relationship to the level of emotional attachment that they have to the events of the past. Regrets and loss can become the cause of todays sadness and depression. Trauma and pain can become the cause of todays anxiety. How a person is affected by any given experience in their life is dependant on how well they have been equiped to process and integrate their experiences into their life.

Unfortunately the educational system does not teach the individual the importance of emotional intelligence and processing, as well as very few parents have attained the healing skills to pass onto their children.  The result is an increasing population of people carrying the unnecessary baggage of the past that is weighing them down and negatively impacting their life.

The Solution for the future

Quantum Freedom Therapy is a tool and method that can literally turn back time for the individual, heal the pain of the past and rewire the way that the mind refers to traumatic and distressing memories.

How QFT works

Unlike traditional talk therapies that only address the cognitive part of the individual, or body work therapies that only deal with the physical, QFT targets all three aspects of the being at once making it a holistic approach to healing therapy.

QFT speaks to the mind, the nervous system, and the emotional body simultaneously, hence it brings incredibly rapid and lasting positive transformation to ones life.

The conversational element, identifies trapped emotions and specific events that have become a running program in the system.

The use of tapping on specific meridian points on the physiological system, reduces and can eliminate the feedback loop that trauma has imprinted on the mind-body

The hypnotic application, induces a change in memory and perception, and solidifies a healthier and more positive way of processing life events and experiences.

The Quantum part of this powerful therapy, is that healing takes place in both the past and projected future, as well as the immediate moment.

Quantum Freedom Therapy is all about setting people free from the very things that are holding them back from positive growth, and negatively impacting their lives.

NOW is the time to allow peace, love and joy to be the dominant factors in your life.

Let there be light.

Saddhanta Ananda

EFT & INTUITIVE LIFE Coaching with Saddhanta gave me my life back. I had sever anxiety and depression, now I finally feel great again. Im grateful for living essences services.

Sarah Hardy

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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