Devi & Saddhanta offer Neo holistic healing that will allow you to experience a physical, energetic, spiritual and soul healing

Neo Shamanic Healing

Bowen/Fascia Healing


Plant Medicine Journeys

Placenta Encapsulation

Other Services We Offer (Contact us at to learn more)

Diagnostic Kinesiology 

Remote Energy Healing

Fascia Release Therapy

Vibrational Energy Medicine

Bio-Energetic Reset

Group Healing Transmissions

Yoga Classes

Coaching Support

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“I love going to see Devi, she is so warm and welcoming super supportive on a personal and professional sense, does great work and gives great hugs”

“Absolutely incredible session instantly felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from me. Woke up today with a new outlook and feeling a lot happier. Can’t wait for another session”

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