Neo Shamanic Healing

Neo – A new or revived form of…

Shaman – One who knows…in regards to spirit and energy of the unseen and subtle realms.

Healing – The therapeutic process of becoming healthy again.

Shamanism has been a part of cultural and traditional practices of the healing arts for as long as history has been recorded. In ancient times the shaman was held in high regard within the community as the one consulted for spiritual insight and healing.

Shamanism has been practiced by both men and women across the ages.

Ceremony and ritual is the way in which the shaman connects to the higher dimensional realities, sometimes incorporating plant medicines and spiritual tools for healing and insight. This enables them to see and perceive the hidden aspects and subtle energies of a person who consults the shaman.

Neo-shamanism is the revival of this practice that has been adapted to the needs of the modern human being and societal structures. The shaman stands between the two worlds of the physical and spiritual realities. The shaman embodies these realities in all aspects of their life. So shamanism is not simply a healing practice, but rather a lifestyle for the shaman.

Devī & Saddhanta, both have backgrounds in the healing arts.

Since the winter of 2019, they have been studying and practicing Neo-Shamanism through the mentorship of their teacher Christof Melchizedek.

Christof has been involved in the healing arts and traditional shamanism for the past 30 years. He is the founder of the Neo-Shamanic Society, of which Devī & Saddhanta are students. They are also mentors to new students in the Neo-Shamanic Society, and also assist Christof and his wife Alaya in shamanic healing retreats.

The skills and tools that Devi & Saddhanta have acquired through the Neo-Shamanic Society has greatly accelerated their own personal growth, and granted them a deeper understanding and embodiment of healing with energy medicine through their many offerings.

The way of the shaman is integrated into all of their different modalities, and the courses that Devī & Saddhanta teach are infused with the attitude of the shamanic mind.

In a healing session with Devī or Saddhanta you may experience karmic or ancestral healing, astral object removal, chakra restructuring, 5th level energetic surgery, just to name a few practices, and many different types or energetic clearings of detrimental energies and influences.