Quantum Freedom Therapy

Welcome to the exciting and life transformative world of QFT

Quantum Freedom Therapy is a modality of healing that goes to the very core of ones inner most being. Identifying mental blocks and emotions associated to sensations in the body, QFT removes the emotional charge, and brings new perspective to the difficulties of the past. It is highly effective in displacing anxiety and beliefs that can hold one back from experiencing their highest potential. 

Whether you need healing for yourself, or are interested in learning QFT to help others, or even start a new career in the healing arts, Quantum freedom Therapy has something to offer for everyone.

With QFT, it doesn’t take months or years to feel and see positive transformation in you life. You can experience the shift taking place within minutes of the QFT session. Through the application of QFT you can literally feel, trauma, anxiety and emotional heaviness leave the body as the session unfolds. QFT is fast and lasting.

Quantum Freedom Therapy is effective in identifying the core issues. it quantifies the emotion that is associated to the issue, and with rounds of tapping and specific suggestions, the strength of the emotion or sensation is greatly reduced, and often gone all together.

A guided visual experience, then further solidifies the clearing process of unwanted mental and emotional hinderances, and corrects ones subconscious status as a sovereign human being of the earth. This grounds a profound sense of courage and freedom to live with less fear and regret.

In the final moments of the QFT session, a powerful reinstatement of ones light, brings you into a euphoric state of feeling your essential truth of being. This establishes a sense of strength and deep acceptance of self, and the universe that supports you.

As you are gently guided back to the waking state, the feeling of lightness is unmistakable. Life takes on a fresh perspective, allowing you to step into those things that previously felt overwhelming or confronting.

Quantum Freedom Therapy, delivers measurable results in just one session, and with a small number regular sessions, one can literally go from debilitating stress, to liberating rest. 

Many who have experienced QFT in their own healing journey have become inspired to learn the fundamentals of Quantum Freedom Therapy for themselves, through the QFT Introduction course. Some have then decided to take it further by going through the 6 month QFT Practitioners course, and become a QFT coach.

People from all walks of life have been learning this easy to apply, yet highly effective modality. From Mothers, to councillors, tradies, psychotherapists, hairdressers, and almost anyone that you can think of. The courses on offer are deeply empowering and healing, equipping you with the skills to heal, not only yourself, but also those that you care for and beyond.

The evolution of QFT is bringing healing to the world, through compassion, service, self realisation, and love.

Let there be light

Devi & Saddhanta


QFT is a finely developed therapy combining the powerfully transformative methods of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), and Conversational Hypnosis. 

The developer of Quantum Freedom Therapy, Saddhanta Ananda has achieved profound and lasting results, using QFT to treat the devastating effects of fear, trauma and pain that so many people carry in their life. 

QFT helps the aspirant to realise the cause of their disfunction, remove the emotional attachment, and reset the mental bio-system, to encourage self-healing, emotional balance and allow the freedom to simply be themselves. 

QFT can help in the treatment of :






And Trauma

QFT is safe and gentle, yet deeply transformative for anyone seeking to improve their life. It is never too late to heal your past and empower your future.

The Problem of the past

The reason that people act and function the way that they do today, is in direct relationship to the level of emotional attachment that they have to the events of the past. Regrets and loss can become the cause of todays sadness and depression. Trauma and pain can become the cause of todays anxiety.

How a person is affected by any given experience in their life is dependant on how well they have been equiped to process and integrate their experiences into their life.

Unfortunately the educational system does not teach the individual the importance of emotional intelligence and processing, as well as very few parents have attained the healing skills to pass onto their children.

The result is an increasing population of people carrying the unnecessary baggage of the past that is weighing them down and negatively impacting their life.

The Solution for the future

Quantum Freedom Therapy is a tool and method that can literally turn back time for the individual, heal the pain of the past and rewire the way that the mind refers to traumatic and distressing memories.

How QFT works

Unlike traditional talk therapies that only address the cognitive part of the individual, or body work therapies that only deal with the physical, QFT targets all three aspects of the being at once making it a holistic approach to healing therapy.

QFT speaks to the mind, the nervous system, and the emotional body simultaneously, hence it brings incredibly rapid and lasting positive transformation to ones life.

The conversational element, identifies trapped emotions and specific events that have become a running program in the system.

The use of tapping on specific meridian points on the physiological system, reduces; and can eliminate the feedback loop that trauma has imprinted on the mind-body.

The hypnotic application, induces a change in memory and perception, and solidifies a healthier and more positive way of processing life events and experiences.

The Quantum part of this powerful therapy, is that healing takes place in both the past and projected future, as well as the immediate moment.

Book a session

For your initial QFT session it is best to book for a 90 min session. This gives the practitioner time to gather relevant information and asses the best methods to apply in light of presenting or past issues.

After a week of the first session it is best to have a follow up session, so that the practitioner can track progress, and also to clear any other emotions that have surfaced as result of the first clearing.

For the greatest results, a 6 month Healing and Transformation Journey package can be the best investment into your health and well-being. This consists of 1 session for 4 consecutive weeks. Followed by 2 fortnightly sessions. Then 4 monthly sessions.

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