Your Complete Healing Journey

Join Devi and Saddhanta on the journey of a lifetime, where you will receive healing in all aspects of your being.

The human being is a dynamic organism consisting of energy, consciousness, mind/body and soul. Every part of of our being requires maintenance, healing, and tuning just as any living thing does. To ignore nourishment and healing for any part of ones being is to fall into a state which is commonly called dis-ease.

Devi and Saddhanta wish for everyone to have the opportunity to live with more ease, flow and of course love, in the most connected and open way possible.

Through their own life path’s, and lessons, Devi and Saddhanta have come to understand the importance of first healing the wounds to an individuals masculine and feminine energies. 

Whether pain or trauma has been caused by parents or a partner, social pressures or culture, it is vital to ensure that you can come back to balance within yourself. This is why Devi and Saddhanta have created The Complete Healing Journey, to bring you back to balance, clarity, health and peace through the energy of the unconditional love that they hold.

On The Complete healing Journey you will experience healing with both Devi and Saddhanta. This is an experience that is tailored to your specific life and needs. For some people, they need more body work, for others they require emotional or mental healing, and as the healing journey unfolds the needs of the aspirant change. 

Devi and Saddhanta communicate and work closely together to track your progress and healing needs, to ensure that your masculine and feminine energies are balanced and aligned to allow the most wholistic and effective healing that you could possibly experience for your life.

On Your Complete Healing Journey you will receive 

  • Bowen Therapy
  • QFT (Quantum Freedom Therapy)
  • Energy Healing and Clearing
  • Facia release
  • Coaching and guidance
  • Tools for self healing
  • Unconditional love
  • Receive healings from both Devi and Saddhanta

On Your Complete Healing Journey you can expect

  • Less pain
  • less anxiety and depression
  • Relief from physical and emotional trauma
  • Healing of past wounds
  • More energy 
  • A new and positive perspective on life
  • Healthier approach to relationships
  • More peace of mind
  • Unconditional Love
  • Unwavering support from Devi and Saddhanta