Believe not

“The only thing that requires belief, is a lie.”

We all live our lives in different ways, with different expressions and experiences.  Yet we all share the same things in common. We all are born, breathe, eat, sleep, learn, grow, feel and die. These are necessary, and are simply the facts of life, but what have proven to not be so necessary, yet we seem to live a great majority of our lives by, are our beliefs.

Many people have blamed religion for every war and battle fought, and some even go as far as to straight out blame god. This is partly true, and in the name of god many lands have been raided and lives destroyed, but it is the deeper root of these religions that have humanity acting in such a senseless way. Our beliefs.

A religion is an expression of the collective mind, and can be both beautiful and destructive, dependant on the mind at the top of its community. Similarly the belief can have its expressions in beautiful or destructive ways, dependant on how the mind of the person has been influenced.

All beliefs have the potential to be dangerous, for all beliefs are nothing but thoughts, and in your truest essence you are not your thoughts.

Thoughts are all potentials for infinite possibilities, but a thought held on too becomes a belief, and a belief acted out becomes an ideology.

Life is beautiful. Life is pure action in the moment of experiencing. Life is alive, breathing, expressing, blooming, propagating and expanding in a great harmonious dance of ebb and flow. Life alone is truth. So what is with all the beliefs?

The ego clings to beliefs, for the ego is simply a shadow and has no substance in it, just as beliefs to have no actual existence. For the ego is unable to accept the impermanence that is life, nor the incomprehensible vastest of the infinite universe. Hence it fights to stay alive, and makes up fairytales to feel secure and immortal. Its obsession to prove it self become its driving force to impose onto the other its beliefs that it may be agreed upon that it is real.

At their root all beliefs are dangerous, for they take you away from the core and essence of your presence, which is the truest expression of the self. beliefs cause a person to no longer be an individual, but to become divided within themselves. Hence the ego, which is the inner dialogue.

Life does not require for you to believe in it. It simply is, and can only be known in truth in the immediate moment. Beliefs are made from the bones of the past, and held onto and held together with more beliefs for the future. This is what is called the illusion, scratch the surface, and the is nothing inside.

The only thing that requires belief, is a lie.Think about it for while, and your paradigm will shift from the illusion to the truth, which is the here and now of life.

The flower does not require belief to grow, nor for you to smell its fragrance. The sun does not require belief for it to rise, nor for you to enjoy its splendour. Belief is not required for the wind to blow, nor for you to breathe the precious air.

To drop your beliefs, is to be present to life. To embrace the miracle that you are, is faith. For faith is the very substance of knowing that even in the awesome vastness and brilliance of the cosmos, your existence is accepted and granted to be here, now.  

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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