What it means to truly trust

The interesting thing about language, is that we seem to take for granted that we know what we mean by the words that we use. We think we know what we are talking about. But language can become a kind of hypnosis if we don’t bring awareness to what it is we are actually saying.Continue reading “What it means to truly trust”

Grow spiritually without belief !

Spiritual growth is a hankering of the soul. We have a sense that we are here for a purpose, and so find ourselves in a seeking for that purpose. All the great religions have paradigms and belief systems for the seeker to follow and adhere to, with the promise of some kind of realisation orContinue reading “Grow spiritually without belief !”

Why Relationship fails

There is one key ingredient missing in relationships in todays world, and that is the ability to relate. This is because the way that society has pitched relationships to us from birth is in the form of ownership.  People are not being seen or respected as individuals with the innate need for autonomy and sovereignty,Continue reading “Why Relationship fails”

The individual lost, and found

The rate and amount that the majority are happy to give up their sovereignty is alarming. The natural state that is the individual, is rapidly being observed by the masses as the greatest concern for humanity. The planet is being treated as a commodity, and animals like willing sacrifices for the insatiable appetite of theContinue reading “The individual lost, and found”

Letting go is natural

It could seem fair to say that we come into this world without a users manual, that we are left to figure life out on our own, and while there is some truth in that, the fact of the matter is, the users manual for life was, and is here before you even turned up.Continue reading “Letting go is natural”

From sex to prayer

Jesus stated that “the kingdom of God is within you”, and then for much of his ministry he proceeded to proclaim the kingdom and explain what it is like. Notice that Jesus never said what the kingdom actually is. To bring understanding about the kingdom he always used metaphors, parables and synonyms. The kingdom wasContinue reading “From sex to prayer”

How To Love Yourself

How much would you give for love? If you could be presented with your soul mate, twin flame, or lost lover in exchange for every possession that you have, would you hand it all over? The problem that humans have with love, is that they have, at most only had glimpses of love, and theContinue reading “How To Love Yourself”

Our True Nature

We are a magical phenomenon of the universe. Our bodies made of the very same stuff as the stars. We are microcosms of the macrocosm. Every atom resembling the motion and structure of the galaxies. Our consciousness as mysterious as the forces unseen in nature. It is commonly heard and stated that we “come intoContinue reading “Our True Nature”

I think, therefore I am not

The number one cause of all suffering is thinking. Thought is the very thing that places us in the situations that we understand ourselves to be in. Thought is held, but never really understood. Thought is the reasoning of our identification. Yet, thought is never known for what it is, for as soon as oneContinue reading “I think, therefore I am not”

What you truely are

Here is the only place, and now is the only time. For the great majority of the worlds population, it is too difficult to even want to ponder what is reality and what is illusion. But what if understanding these things held the secret to your happiness and peace, would you still want to know?Continue reading “What you truely are”