The individual lost, and found

The rate and amount that the majority are happy to give up their sovereignty is alarming. The natural state that is the individual, is rapidly being observed by the masses as the greatest concern for humanity. The planet is being treated as a commodity, and animals like willing sacrifices for the insatiable appetite of the grumbling belly that is consumerism.

They say that history never repeats, but it would be far truer to say that the mind is in constant denial, and for the sake of convenience and the choice to take no personal responsibility, the suffocating individual is opting for the addiction to repeated forms of suffering, that each may have a crying story to share and thus gain any sense of importance in a world that has gone mob mad.

The carefully structured tell-a-vision program keeps the suppressed soul on the edge of their seat, then leads straight into the bombardment of materialistic enticement, that excites the brainstem with a feeling of lack, loss and insufficiency. The intentioned message to consume is injected deep into the subconscious mind, and before you can notice the brain rape of corporate control and greed, you are returned to the voyeuristic consumption of a life that will never be yours. And so continues the sport of gossip and hatred towards anyone that would dare to have a mind of their own.

And of course the machine works with great effectiveness and efficiency in creating the illusion that the only thing to fear is your own deficiency. For you just don’t quite have enough, and you’ll never quite be enough, and there is just not quite enough to go around, so be sure to get there early on black Friday, that you may guarantee your spot on the carousel of enoughness.

As they down generic forms of nutrient deficient textures that trick the brain into feeling that it is achieving something with the grinding of the jaw, and dopamine surging through the bloodstream every 12 minutes with the carefully placed cliff hanger. The fading individual tosses and turns through the blue light induced serotonin state. 

The half human, half hypnotised meat suit opens their eyes from the torture of almost sleep, and begrudgingly begins its march towards the nightmare that is the social structure. There, they are lost in the clunking gears of the so called and believed reality. The heart is left behind like a puppy waiting at the door for its human to get home, and the fake smile of compromised acceptance spreads firmly across the face of the individual lost.

The slogan of contributing to society, beats down the last flinching part of the soul. For it is the feeling of playing an important part that keeps it barely alive. 

In a flash, from nowhere….awakening

True seeing happens

True hearing happens

True acceptance happens

True being happens

True love happens

True life….


Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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