Letting go is natural

It could seem fair to say that we come into this world without a users manual, that we are left to figure life out on our own, and while there is some truth in that, the fact of the matter is, the users manual for life was, and is here before you even turned up.

Nature gives all the secrets and ways that life does life. You only need to observe a tree to see its experience of the seasons to understand, that our lives too, have seasons.  The tree teaches us the way of bearing fruit, and providing for others out of an overflow of abundance.

The fruiting tree has the innate wisdom to know that when something it has produced has come to its fruition, is has come time to let it go, and such is life.

To hold onto tightly to everything that comes into your life is to suffer attachment. The ability to let things come, and just as easily let them go, is to practice the art of self liberation. For in this you understand that you are what produces the things in you life, not things producing you.

If a tree was to hold onto every fruit that it produced, it would in only a couple of years be weighed down and burdened. It would suffer from what it has, and forget what it is. 

In the blinding world of consumerism, materialism and ownership, there are far less human beings and too many human havings. It is likely no coincidence, the neurosis of the world, is the weight that it carries.

Let it go

Saddhanta Ananda

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