What is Love?

When I was a worship leader in the church, it would not be unusual for someone from the congregation to come up to me after the morning service and say “I really loved the worship this morning, I could feel the presence of God”!

It was something that was for me, both encouraging and concerning. I was very aware that the presence of God was not so much dependant on God turning up, as it was us turning up. 

God is always present! And when you feel the presence of God, it is simply that you have become present. For God IS presence.

The christian scriptures state that “God is love”. And I truely feel that to make this statement complete is to add that, Love is God!

There are three things that fail to be put into words. They cannot be explained or defined. They are….


Love,   and


The reason is, they are not separate. No, they are synonymous!

These three mysteries cannot be said. They can only be experienced, and to experience anything you need to be present.

Love, God and Life are not present. They ARE PRESENCE.

Have you felt that exhilarating feeling of love? 

That feeling is pure presence. That feeling is the immediate awareness of the self. That feeling is the interconnectedness of all things that is God.

Presence knows nothing of the past or the future. Hence presence has no anxiety or depression to offer you. It is the bliss of the eternal now. The ecstasy and vastness of here. 

Mind is time. Therefore, the mind cannot comprehend Love, God, life or even the true self, which actually is these three.

Drop the mind, and you are free of time. Free to be available to the experience that is love. The truth of here and now.

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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