“The opposite of love is not hate, it is habit”

Nothing brings the heart alive more than a fresh start or a new beginning. You become very present to the moment, and conscious to all that you are doing and experiencing.

This is why falling in love feels like a life enhancement drug to the soul. 

When you fall in love, your mental acuity raises to new heights. You become more deeply aware of your actions, and in many ways you drop some of your unconscious habits, and become far more spontaneous.

When you are in love, you feel free and available to life. Everything tastes better, looks brighter and feels lighter. This is because love is your true soul frequency.

The reason that we don’t have the experience of love running through our veins more consistently, is our preclusion as humans to fall back into habit.

The opposite of love is not hate, it is habit.

This is why marriages often fail to stay in love, for the marriage is full of promises, but love promises nothing.

Promises are basically the declaration of keeping a habit, and habits have no room for love. For even if you gave flowers to your beloved everyday, it would loose its excitement of surprise, and can become something expected, and love is not something you can expect.

You see, you can never expect or decide to fall in love. It is a phenomenon that happens without warning. 

Love happens, habits are created.

The greatest love, and cliche of all, is the love for yourself.  When you fully love yourself, only then are you able to love others.

But, how to love yourself, when you don’t love yourself? Love cannot be demanded or commanded.

Here is the secret to cultivating a situation for self love to happen.

Break as many habits as you can!

Habits are simply parts of your life that are on auto pilot. They are areas of your life that have become mechanical, and love is not a machine!

Break your soul free from over planning your life and repetitious habits. That way you make room for the excitement of the unknown to take place, and nothing is more unknown than the spontaneous wonder that is love.

This by no means, is to do nothing! Not at all. For you know that when you are in love you actually do more!! With greater effort and intensity, but you do it with a far acute awareness. Love is conscious!

Love is the greatest risk, the deepest experience, and the purest feeling. It is everything the soul is looking for. It is everything that habit is not.

let there be light 

Saddhanta Ananda

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