The power of one

There are many paths, yet one destination.

There are many people, yet one humanity

There are many lives, yet one life.

Have you experienced it? The strain of trying to make a choice when there are too many choices to choose from. It can literally bring the mind to an overload of impossible function.

The fear of making the wrong choice, can in the end leave you without making a choice at all, which in fact is a default choice.

Every solution has a problem, and is therefore the only reason that we have problems at all. One thing always implies its opposite, or as I prefer to say, it’s complimentary.

How can there be a solution if there is no problem?

See, a problem and a solution are not two separate things, they are one. The only reason you have a problem is that the mind wants a solution, but every solution brings its own set of problems in the grand scheme of things. Hence the anxiety that plagues the human being.

It is the problem solving mind that refuses the peace and acceptance that animals and plants experience each day. For them there is no problem or solution. There is simply life in the moment.

To be available to life is the symbiosis of experience and joy. It is to truely flow with the river instead of trying to find your own way to the ocean. 

This does not mean that you sit back and do nothing. It is simply to trust in your connection with life as it unfolds. That your interaction with life is not two separate things, they are one.

There is no need to push the river. 

Trust your intuition. 

Dive into the river.

And your doing, will become being.

the being that is life.

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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