Useless Grace

“While the world congratulates or judges you for all that you have done. Grace celebrates you for all that you are.”

We have all heard the statement, “We are not human doings, we are human beings”. It holds truth and, and yet only a small percentage of people exist in the state of being.

Anything that we come in contact with we instantly attach its use too. This is the programmed and trained mind doing its normal act of deconstruction and analysis.

There is nothing wrong with that, when it comes to the need for survival, creativity, the sciences and building community. It is most helpful to have an understanding of what is useful and what is not. But when it comes to the very core of your being that brings the deeper understanding of your existence, it is good to realise that it is not always utilitarian.

Society, is only interested in that which is useful, but the mystic accepts that which is, as it is.

Acceptance is the greatest of actions, for it is an action without action.

Acceptance is non violent.

Acceptance is the creator of peace.

Acceptance is the world of inner joy

Acceptance is the state of no mind.

To accept a thing or a person in its state of being, rather than seeking its utility, is the beginning of unconditional love.

The reason that situations that are unfavourable become painful is that the mind can’t find a use for what has happened, but this is because the mind is trapped in time.

Your essence is timeless. You are of what is, and what is, is of you.

The essence that is life is like a dance. If the dancers are simply using the other to achieve their own gain, the dance will seem conceited and mechanical. But when the dancers merge into each other in a great letting go to the music, the dancers dissolve, and there is simply dance. This is grace, and grace is essence.

Grace means, unmerited favour. It has nothing to do with achievement, use or popularity. Grace happens in spite of you. It blesses you for your being, not for your doing.

While the world congratulates or judges you for all that you have done. Grace celebrates you for all that you are.


Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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