How the system has failed you

  “For learning is not something you do for the first 20 years of life. Learning, is what you are.”

The society has a very violent education system, in that its intention is to force you into the very society that is teaching you. Its motivation is for you to become part of the matrix machine. 

Learning is innate to the human being, and is part of her natural inquiring preclusion. The young child does not need to be taught as such. She observes her environment with wonder and penetrating eyes. The world is a constant mystery, and without any need for encouragement, the infant explores her environment, for the simple joy of experience.

Two years before the child has reached the age of 7, Which is widely know to be the age that a child’s personality and character is established. The child is placed in a mind camp for 6 hours a day to begin its conditioning for her integration into the society ideology.

These words will likely provoke some to anger, and if they do, then the mind camp training worked very well on them indeed.

The school system is so steeped in the idea of right and wrong, and identification with what you do, that the vast majority of humanity has lost its individualism. That is, the ability to know thy self.

Once the child has left school he has strongly come to the understanding that his programming is ultimately for the betterment of the society. The heart has become forgotten. The very part that makes us human.

Learning is a part of our innate intelligence. We are born, and become natural scientists, and actually teach ourselves through observation in these first precious few years. As much as the the parents would like to feel that they are teaching their kids, it is actually the child that takes it upon themselves to learn. The parents simply provide an environment, and if it is healthy, an environment of love.

The word education at its latin root, means to draw out. Much like the idea of drawing water out of a well. This is a beautiful meaning, and far more conducive to the individual. It holds the understanding that the fundamental knowledge to be understood, is that of the self, and that we each will naturally allow who we are to be expressed and find its way to the surface. 

Natural learning, is life learning. It is a deep trusting in life, and encourages the individual to follow their heart of expression and naturally discover who they are in the world, and what they want to share through their existence.

Imagine an education system that simply provided an environment of possibilities for adventure, exploration and heart centred inquiry, overseen and nurtured by elders who are celebrated, not by their achievements and acquisition but by their their level of joy, understanding and excitement for life. In this place no child could possibly be left behind, and each and every being would always be a true representation of who they truely are.

For learning is not something you do for the first 20 years of life. Learning, is what you are.

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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