The glorious Youniverse

“It is only the mind that causes our neurosis and anxiety by its constant judging and fear of existence.”

Albert Einstein was quoted to have said “the most important decision we make is wether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe”.

He was truely an intelligent man, and his statement almost’s asks the question of wether we feel that the universe is intelligent, and knows what it is doing?

The universe is a wondrous and vast expression of vibration, light, mass and space, and incredibly violent and explosive at the same time. I mean, if you were to witness close up, the collapsing of a star, or brilliant destruction caused by a pulsar, you nervous system wouldn’t handle a second of it.

The universe is incredibly hostile, but obviously not towards us.

The universe has allowed this tiny rock to be home to the most beautiful expressions of life, and we, as humans, are no exception. 

We are the most sophisticated organism that we know in the universe. Made of star dust, and somehow placed in an environment of absolute precise engineering, to provide the very building blocks of what we have called life on earth.

The fact that humanity has believed in gods for as long as we can account, is simply a way of the creature stating that the universe must know what it is doing. For here we are, and we have all we need.

If one decides that they can’t believe in a god, then that is wonderful too. It is to say, that even without trying, the universe forms beings that can experience and express the most phenomenal emotions of being. Love, joy, peace and happiness. That even if the universe is not friendly, it has formed beings that have the ability to be friendly. 

Once again, you may begin to see a theme in all of these blogs. The way that the existence is experienced, is not in the way that it is coming on to you, but completely dependant on your perception and attitude towards it. Which will in the end, exposes your attitude towards yourself, for you are what the universe does.

It is only the mind that causes our neurosis and anxiety by its constant judging and fear of existence.

To try and secure your being and stuff with insurances, high fences, guns and apprehensions, is to say that you don’t trust the universe. The tiny insignificant things that we attempt to protect, are utterly insignificant to the glorious fact that the universe has you here, now.

When you see the universe as not only as friendly, but as actually you! You are free indeed. You know that you are unlimited in your expression and creativity, and the exhausting and futile efforts to secure your life will be seen for the folly it is.

Now, all that is left to do, is live!   

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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