What you truely are

Here is the only place, and now is the only time.

For the great majority of the worlds population, it is too difficult to even want to ponder what is reality and what is illusion. But what if understanding these things held the secret to your happiness and peace, would you still want to know?

When you are sleeping, you don’t know that you are sleeping, and so you don’t bother to try and wake yourself up, nor do you consider if the dream is a reality or not.

The dream can be distressing or frightening, and when you wake up, the will be a sense of relief and even joy. Then there are the times that you awaken to a world that pales in comparison to the dream and you wish that you could fall straight back into that illusion.

Both the dream and the world do share something in common however. The one that is aware. The awareness of the dream and the awareness of the world never change, never move, and never die. They are conscious in the same manner wether in the world or in the dream.

That which is aware is always present. Awareness is never then or there, it is always here and now. There is no time for awareness, for when there is awareness of the past, it is aware of it now, and when the past was, it was the now.

Much the same, there is illusion and simply an idea, for once there is experienced by the localisation of awareness, it is experienced as here.

The idea that we pass through time and space is simply conceptual, and a grasping at reality by the mind, in an attempt to explain reality but without all the trickiness of consciousness.

Awareness does not pass through time and space, time and space passes through awareness. We are not separate, we are localisations of sensations that are the experiencing of awareness.

The reason that consciousness can never be explained, is, it would be like the dream trying to explain the dreamer.

Dream, would appear to be an indicator to us, as to the nature of WHAT we truly are, and that maybe WHO we are is illusion, Just as nature hold all the mysteries of life within.

That which can be explained and stated is the dream. That which is undefinable is reality.

In all of the experiencing in awareness, there is a great sensation that seems to allude us all, and that is love. 

Love and peace seem to be all that is left when one takes the time to reduce everything down from the complexities of the life drama. For love does not come into your life of awareness. No, love and peace is that which precedes life.

Love is what you are.

Saddhanta Ananda

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