I think, therefore I am not

The number one cause of all suffering is thinking.

Thought is the very thing that places us in the situations that we understand ourselves to be in. Thought is held, but never really understood. Thought is the reasoning of our identification. Yet, thought is never known for what it is, for as soon as one engages into a thought, it is slipping into the past.

You may have seen it in you own mind. Life is happening, and a thought arrises about this happening in the moment. It could seem that you are engaging with what is taking place in your experience, but in actually fact you are simply layering upon layer upon what is, memories of the past. For the mind can only know what was. Therefore, through the projection of thought, the present reality becomes shrouded with un-reality.

Thought is simply an object of the mind. It is simply a distraction from what is. It cannot be with the present, for the present is not thought or object, it is complete subjectivity.

Life is a continual unfolding of mystery. One thing always dependant upon another ,upon another, upon another. Thought can never understand reality, for it can only grasp it by what it knows, yet all it can know, is what was.

Thought is simply a utility. It is a tool to enable acts to be taken for the desires of the mind, but thought in itself is not useful when it comes to observation of awareness, and being with life.

Thought is always trapped in the confines of time, for time is what thought is made of. The essence that is living, is timeless, for it is only ever now, and now is eternal.

Thought is always imposed upon the life, yet life imposes nothing.

As soon as this statement is made the mind says, ‘but some creatures kill other creatures, and weeds choke out flowers’, and so on, judging that this is imposition, but this is simply a thought again, making a judgement on what life should be. Life doesn’t should on anything. For life is not a thing. Again, it is pure subjectivity.

Thought is useful for living in the drama that is constructed in the mind of what we call society. It helps one gather food, make houses, build communities and so on. But as far as knowing your essence, and being with the reality, thought is out of bounds.

Thought cannot know love, nor can it create happiness. This has been tried by us all, and it may stick for a while, you we all know well, that it does not last.

The very idea that anything can make you happy, is to place yourself at the mercy of that thing. If ‘something’ can make you happy, then it must be understood that the very same thing also has the capacity to make you sad.

To have love, peace and happiness that is not dependant upon a thing or situation, is to truely be with life. You are simply with the happening that is life. Nothing precedes your joy, and nothing takes away your joy, for the love, joy, peace, and happiness that is, is not a thing, it is that which precedes things. It is pure subjectivity.

This is why many of the ancient wisdoms encourage us to avoid attachment to anything. Attachment is simply to be fixated on a tiny part of reality as if it is something that you need. Where the truth of the matter is, you in essence ARE the reality that is.

Only mind can divide and judge with the sword of thought, and once this sword is used, separation takes place and reality is severed.

The heart is true. It is the metaphysical observation of acceptance which is the being that is love. 

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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