Expect the Unexpected

Nothing will disappoint greater than your expectations. They are great fantasies of the way that things should be. The reason for blame when all has gone wrong, and a subtle way to excuse yourself for taking responsibility.

Our expectations are the puffing up of the ego, that places the universe under its feet as the utility of its needs.

The expectations of the ego say, there is no reason for things to not go the way that I have planned, I know what’s best for me and everyone needs to get with the program.

It is the expectation that causes the illusion that is separation, formed in the mind of thought. It is separation that is the cause of desire that leads one to suffering that is the playground of the ego.

Ego is expectation.

The great majority of relationships in the world are all too heavily based on expectations. The man and woman are now married, so now they must be committed to each other for life. This is laid down as a requirement in place of actions and deep acceptance that come out of love. Slowly love suffocates and dies in the marriage from the poison of expectation.

The parent places heavy burden upon their child, as the expectation of ownership has arisen, for they have given the child life, and once the ego has given, it always expects to receive.

Expectation is the ego trip of possession. Ego is ‘MY’.

‘My’, has no room for love. My children, my wife, my husband, my house, my car, my work is again the ego attachment that eventually ends in sorrow and suffering.

Of course it is normal to have expectations when playing the game of life. You do some work, you expect to be paid. You pay for a ticket, you expect it to be honoured. But not everything always repeats the ritual of give and receive, and when the cycle is broken pain arises.

The greatest fear of the ego is death. This is the reason that we feel so much pain when a loved one dies. It is from the expectation that death shouldn’t be, yet it is unstoppable. Death is unacceptable simply because of the expectation of ego.

The soul is a mystery to humans, for they spend very little time aware of it. It actually is awareness and that which never dies. 

The only thing ever truely dies is the ego. 

The soul holds no expectation, for all that is, is soul. The world of expectation, want, and possession is the wheel that constantly spins, but the soul is the hub upon which the wheel spins. It is the action of non action. The movement of stillness. The sound of silence.

Once one can see that the ego attachments that are the root of expectation, the awareness arises also that love is what the universe is. It’s colliding galaxies, exploding suns, twisting DNA, unfolding lotuses and constant birthing of life is simply and purely accepted in its entirety as a symphony of eternal song.

To drop ‘my’ and ‘mine’, is to drop the folly of expectation, and with it goes the pain that is ego. 

The greatest expectation that we have is of ourselves, but how can you have expectation of that which you don’t even fully know or understand. Let go of expectations, and expectation will let go of you.

The only thing that we can truely expect is the unexpected. This is love, for love is always unexpected, and expects nothing.

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda 

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