Our True Nature

We are a magical phenomenon of the universe. Our bodies made of the very same stuff as the stars. We are microcosms of the macrocosm. Every atom resembling the motion and structure of the galaxies. Our consciousness as mysterious as the forces unseen in nature.

It is commonly heard and stated that we “come into the world”, but it is closer to say that we come out of the earth, and are then conformed into the likeness of the world.

The world is a construct not known by nature. It is the idea of civilised humanity. It is that which the mind is convinced to obtain and conquer. It is the ideology upon which the ego wishes to make its mark upon. It is the place where you are told to become somebody.

The world is made of the stuff we call mind. It is conceptual. It is that which is made of nothing, but thinks it is the executive of all that is. The world came into the earth, but you came out of it.

It is right for us to call the earth mother. She provides us with all that we need. Yet it would be even more true to call the universe Mother, and the earth the placenta.

The universe embodies all that is of the feminine. We are nurtured by the sun in the great womb of darkness. It is mysterious and unknown, and creates and destroys worlds without the need of thought or command. It is deep, quiet, beautiful and awful. 

We are expressions of what out mother is. We cannot explain even a fraction of how we execute our bodily functioning. We can only but accept that we are a miracle within a miracle. Much like the mother growing a child within her.

The mother does not know how she grows the child, it is simply natural. It is simply a happening. Child is what the mother does, just as people is what the earth does, just as earth is what the universe does, just as universe is what consciousness does.

The doing of nature is not like that of the doing of the mind/body. Nature is pure connection, allowing, and integrated communication without taking or enforcement, for nature knows without knowledge that all is in all.

The doing of the world which is made of mind, is the doing that comes from strain to attain, and the violence to possess which only brings separation and division. It is like the child trying to gain ownership of the mother, when there is simply no need, for she gives freely out of love and care.

The world is a neurotic child that has lost its love for the mother, and has done all it can to enslave her to his will. Maybe if we could see that the mother universe is growing us for a birth beyond the one we have experienced in this realm, we would simply keep connected to the placenta/earth. We would be nourished through connection and acceptance until the time is due for us to transcend in birth to the next dimension.

The society is a miscarriage. It has given up all that is essential for all that is non essential. Ownership, culture, possession and greed have become the very knife that has cut us from our mother nature.

We do not need to earn our mothers love, we simply only need to see, that it is unconditionally always there.

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda 

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