How To Love Yourself

How much would you give for love?

If you could be presented with your soul mate, twin flame, or lost lover in exchange for every possession that you have, would you hand it all over?

The problem that humans have with love, is that they have, at most only had glimpses of love, and the true deep and real love has only really been experienced in the early years of life. For some, even that has not been there for them.

Most would claim to have experienced love or have an idea of what it is, yet when one is asked to explain the nature of love, words fail to bring light to it.

The only way that a being can come close to putting love into words is to explain what love is not.

Love is the mystery of mysteries, the depth of depths, the truth of all truths. Love is not a thing, it is pure being of awareness.

Even these words, are not sufficient to bring understanding to love, for love is not a thing or action, it is presence.

The problem in explaining love, is ‘explaining’ itself, for to explain is to use words, and to use words is to bring in thought, and thought is the very antithesis of love.

In the silent first embrace of mother and child is love.

in the stillness between lovers sharing a tender moment, is love. In the expansive quiet of a gathered memorial, is love.

Love has no thought to its substance. As soon as thought is brought to it, a part of loves quality is no longer as potent.

We say “I love you” to each other, yet deep down we now that the sentiment is not love itself. The words can be shared, but they do not share love. They can be spoken, and in the next moment they can be broken. Love itself, however, cannot be broken. For whatever one thinks love is, it is not that.

In the Taoism, the word Tao means, ‘the essential principle underlying existence, ultimate reality, and the path, or way’. The very first words of its most sacred text, ‘The Tao de Ching’ state, 

“The tao that can be told

is not the eternal Tao”

This is a good way for us to bring understanding to love. The love that can be spoken, is not the love, for love is the essential principal of existence, the ultimate reality. It is the path, it is the way.

The christian text state that “God is love”. So it would be fair to say that Love is god. These two can simply not be put into words, which are simply manifest thought.

There is one other that words fail to bring enlightenment to, and that is the self. This is no coincidence, for you are the very being of the other unthinkable’s.

You, Love, and God are not separate, they are synonymous.

To experience the closeness of God, thought will be the price. To feel the depth of love, words must cease. To truely and intimately know your self, your only possession must be silence.

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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