The power of you, is the power of life

A client asked me what my beliefs are. “I don’t believe, and I don’t not believe anything”, I answered. I explained to him that the only thing that requires belief is that which is fiction, and that all beliefs are dangerous.

He proceeded to tell me that the only thing that he believed in, was that the brightest star in the sky was his grandfather winking at him from above. 

It is a beautiful thought. I then shared with him why this is not just a belief, but actually true.

“If you look into this belief you will see that all the experience of your grandfather happened inside of you. Every word he spoke, every touch, every interaction was a unique perspective that was experienced inside of you.  So as far as your life is concerned, can you see that the spirit of your grandfather was your experience of him that was perceived inside yourself”?

“yes” he answered.

“And do you need to believe those experiences of your grandfather”? 

“No, they happened”! he replied

“So tell me, who placed the spirit of your grandfather amongst the stars”? I asked.

“I did” he answered, with a new understanding of perceiving life

“ Do you need to believe that for it to be true”?

“Not at all”! He said as a smile spread across his face.

“ See just how powerful you are”! I exclaimed.

The existence is powerful in the forms of all that it expresses in matter. You are powerful in all of the meaning that you impart to it.

Let the meaning that you give to life be beautiful and good, and life will always be true.

Let there be light.

Saddhanta Ananda

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