Judge not

To observe, is to preserve the beauty of what is.

Life is simply life when the mind is not brought in to dissect it into many pieces; and when allowed to be what it is, it can be seen as if for the first time.

Life is full of love, when it is simply observed without judgement, for love is the greatest of metaphysical expressions, and hidden in the mystery that is life.

The human being is forever assessing, calculating, and attempting to solve what life is, but life was doing just fine in its coming and going, living and dying, sprouting and blooming, without any thought added. For what can a thought add or take away from life?  

All thoughts are judgements, and how can life be truely experienced in its wholesome and unadulterated truth, when it is shrouded and seen through the lens of thought. Even to witness the sunrise and say “it is so beautiful” is to do violence to the mystery that is life. To simply observe the sunrise as a mystery without label or judgement is to merge with it in unity, for without judgement, your are no longer as a ego, you are simply a part of the dance that is life.

This is a practice to bring true connection with life, even for just moments in you day, that a balanced perspective may keep you WITH life, rather than in life. 

Moments without judgement, become waking meditations, and you must consciously choose to be observant and aware and non judgemental to have the true experience that is life. For judgement and criticism are the defaults that we have all be taught from birth.

Thinking and judgement are neither good or bad, they are simply utilitarian, and you will return to them with ease when required to interact with society, But to truely interact with the splendour that is life, they must be dropped for that moment.

To quote master Osho. “life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be experienced”.

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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