You are what you see

The Hindu belief system says that the world is maya, what we call illusion in english language. To look at the world from the eye of the mystic, I can understand how the existence we each witness is not that same that each perceives. Inside each and every mind, we all have our own versionContinue reading “You are what you see”

What is spirituality?

what is spirituality anyway? In this day and age it seems like another label that one can identify themselves or others by.  To be spiritual is to put yourself amongst the crystal cleansing, sage smudging, tarot card, palm reading astrologers, and is often referred to by logical minded people as woo. We only need toContinue reading “What is spirituality?”

What you have been looking for all along

We all have wants and needs, and in the fast pace world of consumerism and influence we find ourselves having wants that far outweigh or needs.  Yet, it is our needs that hold the greatest importance for our life. Food, clean water, and shelter are the very basic of our needs, but somehow for manyContinue reading “What you have been looking for all along”

The power of you, is the power of life

A client asked me what my beliefs are. “I don’t believe, and I don’t not believe anything”, I answered. I explained to him that the only thing that requires belief is that which is fiction, and that all beliefs are dangerous. He proceeded to tell me that the only thing that he believed in, wasContinue reading “The power of you, is the power of life”