The inconvenient Truth

In these days we are facing, there has never been such an aggressive exchange and fight over what is true. It is the very act of trying to state the truth that is causing the greatest polarisation amongst humanity.

The virus is to be feared and eradicated.  It is a hoax. It came from a bat. It was made in a lab. You must wear a mask. Masks don’t work. We need a vaccine. Vaccines are dangerous.

With all the arguments, from between media, friends, family, and politicians, if there is one thing that is true, it is that no one knows the truth.

It would appear that the real virus, is what is tearing relationships apart in the pursuit to declare the truth.

I’ve had discussions with people that have become terribly split because each of us are hearing or believing a different narrative, and as I said in blog 2, all beliefs are dangerous.

How can any one person know the truth? how can any one group know the truth. The TRUTH is, there is no THE TRUTH. No, there can only be your truth, and the act of trying to put the truth into words to relay to another, is the very thing that destroys the truth.

Truth is silent.

So what is a virus? It is simply information carried by protein, but essentially it is not a living organism, and so knows nothing of life. It causes the cells in the body to believe a lie, and the cells react and create RNA that is not in accordance with its own truth. The body is in effect turning against itself because of this information.

We too, are turning against ourselves in defence of the information that we have received, allowing to ego to cause great defence of our thoughts, and great offence against our fellow human if they don’t agree.

It is the information in the middle causing each one of humanity to turn against its own global organism. That information is the mediator, the medium….The media. It knows nothing of life, and is not a living organism. It is simply information carried by protein. 

The only truth worth knowing, and that can be true for sure, is you. What ever comes into you immediate experience is the truth. So to preserve your joy and commune that is humanity, avoid fighting for anything that has not been your direct experience.

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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