What you have been looking for all along

We all have wants and needs, and in the fast pace world of consumerism and influence we find ourselves having wants that far outweigh or needs.  Yet, it is our needs that hold the greatest importance for our life.

Food, clean water, and shelter are the very basic of our needs, but somehow for many today they are taken for granted, as they are overlooked by the distracting appreciation for all things material and status attaining.

It is once again, another subtle trick of the ego, and one of the main reasons for the neurosis of the world.

The ego says “ until you get this, and unless you obtain that you are not complete”!…. Sound familiar?

It is the ever present voice of every marketing campaign that flashes on TV, imposes your view on billboards, interrupts your You Tube video and fills you news feed. It is the society/culture of our modern era that requires our constant attention and open wallet. 

Attention is this ‘ages’ greatest commodity. Your attention is worth dollars. And your attention is needed by society to keep you focused on the world, that you may forget your inner core, that is your true being.

By forgetting the self, you will be playing hide and seek out in the world for what will fill and heal you.  This is the endless, winless game imposed by the corporate machine. Always pushing you to to gain the next best thing.

But what could be more important,  most precious, far needed and life giving,  than you very next breath. 

When you are struggling to breathe, the only thing that is important is, you.

You are what you have been searching for, and the world is lying to you that it is out there!! 

The voice of the world is loud and desperate, but the voice of the heart is quiet and patient.

When you turn away from the flashing lights and empty promises of perpetual chasing, you take a deep breath, and enter the world of your being. The world of truth, your inner core, your living essence. The very life force that is the consciousness of your experience.

Looking into the inner world, there is nothing that can be added or taken away, there is no place to go, there is nothing to do. You are here, you are now. The only place and time that is real.

You are home, from where you started. You are loved, in the place you have returned. For to return home to the self, is the attention that is the beginning of self love, and true appreciation for both the inner and outer worlds.

The ego is left outside where it came from, and where it belongs. You are inside, in the warmth and truth of where you came from, and where you belong.

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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