Lose yourself

“The self is the universal consciousness of the totality. Myself, is the fleeting moment of the drama.”

The only truth that you can experience, is yourself, and though we are all aware of ourselves, we are seldom conscious of the self. This is because there are two selves. Myself, and the self.

Myself, is the ego entity, which is commonly called the identity. The sense of ownership of a body and mind within time and space. Myself, is accumulative, and has its roots in knowledge, things and attachment.

The self, is the being that is here and now. It is detached from ideology, knowledge and attainment. It doesn’t have its understanding in space and time. It knows only here and now. It is likened to the pure sky. Vast and without beginning or end. It has no story, it just is. It is essence.

Myself, is the wheel that is forever turning in thought and action. It is concerned only with the material, mortal and perishable things of what we call the world.

The self, is the hub that the wheel spins around. It is everywhere that ‘myself’ goes and moves, but its presence to them is without action or thought. It is the witness to all, and that which is actually real.

If ‘The self ‘is the pure sky, then ‘myself’ are the clouds that come and go.

The sky can have clouds, but the clouds cannot have sky. The clouds are temporary and many. The sky is eternal and one.

The self is the universal consciousness of the totality. Myself, is the fleeting moment of the drama.

What you know, feel, and experience are simply clouds within the being of the everlasting reality that is conscious awareness. The field. Without the field, there can be no play.

The play, is to be enjoyed with all of its excitement and drama, ups and downs, and then the play stops and the field is clear, till the next play begins.

The field realises and experiences every game played within it, but changes not. It does not identify with what takes place within it, is simply holds space. 

Our lives are play, but the field is the only reality.

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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