The Quantum Heart

Which is worse, a closed mind, or a closed heart?

The human being is a fascinating mystery. There is no clear reason for its existence, and equally no consensus on the purpose of their being. 

The planet on which this organism finds itself is such a wonder of precision, that for there to be another environment as itself that supports such a plethora of life, the odds are that of near impossibility.

So how are we to even begin to grasp an idea of our being, purpose, origin or destination? 

Can we ever find the answers by way of cognitive thinking? Or does life keep is secrets from the mind?

Even in quantum physics it becomes clear that as soon as an observer is brought into an experiment on the smallest particles, they begin to express themselves differently than from when they are not observed in activity, as if they have something to hide.

Could it be that even the intelligence of an electron will not expose itself to an observer, if the observer themselves are not reciprocal in the truest expression of themselves?

The universe is vast and impressive, and we know very little about it, in context of its expanse. Either way that we look, whether at the very large or the minute, we find only mystery, and when we solve one mystery by the mind, it simply unveils itself to even more mystery. So, maybe trying to grasp existence with the mind is hubris when it comes to true knowledge of existence. Maybe the only way to know, is by the way of the heart.

The heart does not seek to divide or control, impose or manipulate. The heart is the desire for connection, expression and creativity. Where the mind seeks to obtain, the heart leans to connect. Where the mind tries to control life, the heart waits to understand.

Just maybe the secrets of the universe are hidden in the last place that the mind would ever think to look. Inside our very own souls. And maybe existence isn’t such a mystery, and is simply waiting for us to join the dance of its unreasonable existence.

Just maybe it is not for us to know, but for us to express just what it is that the universe is doing.

Just maybe it is why the heart is in flow, when it enters the realms of creativity and expression.

Maybe it is not that the universe holds all the answers to the mind that inquiries, but that the heart holds the answer to the question that existence is asking us all!

“Will you show me what you are”?

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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