If only you Knew

The amount of people that truely know themselves, would be very low. It is quite likely to be the same percentage as to the average time that the human being functions out of the conscious mind, as compared to the subconscious mind.

It is a widely thought estimate that 95% of the brains activity is beyond the conscious awareness. That leans to the idea that we are more or less running on auto pilot.

So with only 5% of our brain functioning in a conscious and aware manner, how many people out there are living in a habitual cycle each and every day, that could be more fairly compared to a machine than an organic being.

Society trains the human well, to contribute to the culture of corporate construction, which has little to no space for free thinking or creativity unless you are fortunate to be at the top of the ladder, and even then history has shown that the elite have been imposing the same controls for aeons.

The human being would sadly seem to be a slave to themselves.

This is the very reason that the ancient ascended masters, yogis, rishi and the like were never accepted by the society, and when they expressed there freedom of thought and insight too much were often crucified for releasing their fragrance of self realisation.

The thing that sets the likes of the Buddha and Jesus apart from all others, is that they knew themselves. Thats all.

They knew the meaning and vastness and expression of the totality of their being, and had the courage to live in that reality.

When you enter the limitless realm of self realisation, you take the ultimate risk in this world, that will see you lose your popularity, but gain your power.

Self realisation appears as foolishness to the world. The self realised being gets quieter as the society gets louder. The self realised being becomes calmer as the masses grow ever anxious. The self realised being knows that they think, while neurotic men and women think that they know.

To go within oneself is to take the ultimate and most empowering adventure that can be taken. It is the wildest and most dangerous journey in search for the most precious treasure and prized jewel that can possibly be found. The self.

You are the most unfathomable creature that could ever be constructed. A wonder of electromagnetic, bio plasmic energy that is both material and immaterial, mortal and immortal, bound and boundless.

To be self realised is to know the wonder that you are, and to fall in love with its mysteries. It is to drop all ideas of perfection and permanence, and fall into the vast expanse of endless self discovery.

This is the affirmation of the unlimited heart, that makes no claim, yet grows limitless in the depth of knowing what is, as it is.

To come to the place of knowing the self is to give birth to your soul, and the soul is not limited to the body. It is the connection to eternity.

To know the self, is to lose the world, and gain your soul.

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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