You are what you see

The Hindu belief system says that the world is maya, what we call illusion in english language. To look at the world from the eye of the mystic, I can understand how the existence we each witness is not that same that each perceives.

Inside each and every mind, we all have our own version of every person and thing. The version of my mother that I have in my head with be comparatively different from the character that is formed in the mind of my brother. There will be many similarities, but not the same person .

How a child sees the world, again, will hold a different concept than that of an adult, and different again to that of an animal.

We debate and argue about what we see the world as, and how we should live in it, how our societies should function and the manner in which we use natural recourses. This is what has left us in the state of maya, or the illusion. Our ideologies and beliefs.

It is the idea of separateness that creates all the turmoil within and between human beings. But when all is seen as the self, then how can there be any need for conflict.

A beautiful way to see the existence, is as a mirror. Simply a reflection of the self, and any differences that may be observed by individuals are simply dust and dirt that we let settle on the mirror.

To look into a clean mirror, is to see a clear representation of what is looking back at itself. When something foreign is on the mirror, the reflection is distorted and no longer seen in its truth or fullness.

The first reaction when looking at a steamed up mirror, is to wipe the condensation off, that you may clearly see what you need to see. To fail to do so, could mean potential danger if shaving, or a complete mess if doing hair or make up.

If the existence is that which reflects back to us what we truly are, then it would be fair to say that the dust and debris that settles on the mirror, obscuring the clarity of the reflection would be the foreign bodies of the mind. What is otherwise known as thoughts.

To clean the mirror that one may see reality before them, is to wipe away the projections of thought and beliefs that we let settle in the mind. It is to clear away the debris of judgement and knowledge and simply see what is before you as it is. 

Acceptance is the means to make the mirror clear, and acceptance is the only way to self love.  

Acceptance will not bring you certainty in life, for life makes no promises apart from death, but where there is true acceptance, even death is accepted, and when death is accepted as simply a part of life, then fear is eliminated, and when there is no fear there is only love.

The world is so full of fear, for the world is simply mind. Mind is the only place that fear exists, and mind is simply a projection.

Existence is what you are, so how can there be fear. The idea that you must remain as you are is the projection of the illusion of certainty. Nothing remains as it is, and when this is accepted, the mirror gets clear. 

To seek clarity over certainty, is to seek love. To allow the mirror to reflect without imposing the mind upon it, is to see with the eye of the heart. The heart cast no dust upon reality. It is always accepting, always true, always in love.

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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