Home is WHEN the heart Is

The journey that we must all travel, can take a day or a life time. It is the most essential journey that is spoken of in almost every story, movie, poem or pantomime. The journey of the heart.

The way that we engage with this life is much like a game or drama. We each have been given a piece to play and a roll to fulfil.

The early years of life are spent learning the rules of the game and the lines of your character. Each turn that you take advances you in the game, and every scene that is played takes you along the board, and now you have mistaken your life for the game. You have forgotten your being for the drama.

The actor, at the end of the day takes of his mask and goes back to his life. The footballer hangs up his boots and relaxes from his efforts. But where in life do we leave the games and drama of the mind and return to the heart.

The heart is the seat of our true essence, the mind is a place of accumulation and roll play. The heart is your original face, the mind is the mask that the world has constructed for you.

Only the mind plays games, with its competitiveness and constant need for attention. The heart that is pure wants for nothing but love, and to truely love, is to be loved, whether it be by self or other.

The game of life, is that of attachment and selfishness . The drama of the world is illusion and deception. The heart is the only realm that can be true and honest, for the heart does not indulge in the endlessness of thinking, no, its existence is in the eternity of knowing. 

The mind thinks the heart knows. The heart knows the mind thinks.

When we first enter the world, we are thrust into the drama of life in the most shocking and explosive way, called birth. Short thereafter you are back in the calmness of the heart and the mothers love.

Each day the child journeys out a little further than before to play the game that is life, and always returns to the mother for love. Over time the child comes to believe that love and the hearts desire is outside of herself for the mother is understood as home, and the mother is outside just like the rest of the world.

Now, lost in the drama, the adult plays the game in an attempt to win love and find their heart. All the while failing to see that every moment of love and assurance of the heart took place inside themselves.

They say that home is where the heart is, but it would be more correct to say that home is WHEN the heart is. When the mind is, there is drama and games. When the heart is, you are home.

The world is a stage and the drama is there for your entertainment, but it is not who you are. Every day you can remove the mask and return to the self.

The life is a game to be enjoyed for fun, but is not meant to be taken seriously or identified with, for it has not and is not your essence. 

There are many parts to play and many prizes to be won, but the one that wins is the one that realises that it is not a race to the end, and that death is just a part of the drama. 

You can drop the game in an instant, and in that instant you are home. Simply remove the mask of your character and you return to love.

There is nowhere to go and nothing to do, for that which you seek has always been you. 

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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