Life wants You

The adult is hailed as the form and stage of the human organism at is the mature state. The education has been completed, and it is now time to make your mark on the world. But how many know for what reason, and why?

What does it mean to make your mark on the world?

The world is the human construct, which has its place on the earth. The Earth is our home which has a consciousness much different from the world. They are by no means synonymous.

Such a wonder of engineering and exact balance is our planet. Nothing in the known universe comes close to the diversity and splendour of her environment and plethora of living organisms. From the depths of the vast oceans to the, to the sounds and movements of the tropical forests. The earth, without any need of a mind breathes life abundant.

We as humans often make the mistake of understanding intellect as intelligence, but it must be understood that intellect is simply information gathered. Intelligence is innate knowing that is not concerned with information at all. It is the interaction of life that brings growth and more life.

The earth is intelligent, in that its expression is a symbiotic interaction with each and every part. Everything has everything to do with everything. Take one part of the ecosystem away, and it affects another part of the system. It is the ultimate balancing act. This is intelligence.

The world is that of intellect. It accumulates information that can only ever explain the parts. It cannot know the whole. The intellect can gather information about life, but there is no life in itself. It is only the menu, whist intelligence is the meal.

In much of today’s attempts to promote wellness in a world that is suffering from so many mental issues, there is too much emphasis of trying to fix the mind with the mind. This is as difficult as pulling oneself up off the ground by your own boot straps.

As always nature has all the answers as to how to function in life, for nature is life. The intellect of the mind has no life of itself, and so how can intellect bring life.

It is innate for us to want to experience love, joy and happiness, and it is also necessary to experience the complementaries which are pain, loneliness and melancholy. these are the natural ebbs and flows of life, much like the seasons experienced by the earth.

The intellect has a preference, but intelligence knows that everything has its place.

The human organism is intelligent. Its trillions of cells making trillions of interactions, pathways and actions in a flash of time, does what it does without the need of knowing how to do it. It is the flow that flows, exactly the same way that its mother the earth does.

The intellect thinks it knows what it wants, and it is the very act of thinking that can make things great or horribly wrong. It is the roll of the dice.

Intelligence however, knows what is needed. All that is needed for intelligence to have its way is to interact with the life without resistance or questioning.

You are the intelligence that upholds life in all of its awesome expression. You cannot be separate from it, nor can it be separate from you, for the part is of the whole and the whole is in the part. 

To accept life in its natural flow, is to be life. Here you are. The whole universe has conspired for you to be here. So be, and enjoy!

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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