From sex to prayer

Jesus stated that “the kingdom of God is within you”, and then for much of his ministry he proceeded to proclaim the kingdom and explain what it is like.

Notice that Jesus never said what the kingdom actually is. To bring understanding about the kingdom he always used metaphors, parables and synonyms.

The kingdom was what was most prized and desired by the people of the time, for the Israelites where under the rule of another kingdom of the Roman government. They where eagerly awaiting the kingdom of God to come and destroy the Roman Empire and liberate Israel with His rule.

But Jesus did not liken The kingdom of God to the kingdoms of the world. He compared it to a man who searching for treasure, found it, and then sold all that he had to purchase the field that it was buried in. He compared it to a man who planted a mustard seed, that grew into the largest tree. He compared it to a woman, that put yeast in dough, making it rise. 

The kingdom becomes understood as that which has great value, but also has a great element of grace, in that a person plays a part, and grace does the rest.

In another parable, a man sows seed and it grows yet the man does not know how. The kingdom is a partnership, not a dictatorship.

The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom that is established within the self, purely through intention. It does not grow through force or violence, but silently and gracefully it permeates the whole being through the power of grace, affecting both the inner and outer worlds.

The kingdom of God is the intent of the heart. The heart is to love, not rule. The rule of the heart is to spread love, not to accumulate. The rule of the heart is to share not hoard. The rule of the heart is grace, not force.

Everything in life is infected and affected by our intention. The intention is the seed, and when planted and watered, which is to remember the seed, it will grow into a great harvest.

The kingdom of God does not come by violence as the kingdoms of the world, it comes through love.

It grows from within till it infuses with the outer.

The art of making love, is the rule of the kingdom of God.

In tenderness the seed is planted, and an explosion of life happens as if like magic. Like the lovers that enter the kingdom of their love. The smallest and hidden parts of their bodies bring pleasure to the entire being. The orgasm is a glimpse of the ecstasy of love in its fullness.

Society has perverted the sex energy, for it is a seed to our deepest experience, that holds the power to transform our inner world, and spread its wonder of ego death through the outer world.

To bring the man and woman within each of us together in unity of peace, love and acceptance, is to plant the seed of the kingdom. The intention of union enables the grace of growth to move into our outer world, that the relationships in the outer world beautifully mirror the joy of the inner world of love, becoming prayer. 

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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