You Have Nothing to Lose

“You imply life, as much as life implies you

so there is nothing to gain, and nothing to lose.”

The idea of ownership has been the cause of all human suffering. It is the greatest pursuit of the ego, and the most deceiving illusion to the soul.

When the word “mine”! first comes out of a child’s mouth, it is very evident in their expression that they have now grasped the concept of me. This usually happens around the 18 month mark of age, and is the official unveiling of their establishing ego. 

The interesting thing that becomes clear when a child asserts the “Mine” mentality, is that there is an undercurrent of suffering and anxiety. They have become attached to an object or person, and in this, their identity becomes entangled with it or the person.

It seems paradoxical, but the concept of ownership is the very idea that creates separation.

The parents and society have unwittingly set the child up for a life of dissatisfaction and constant wanting, in teaching this pure being that life must be gained and obtained.

It is true that ‘things’ can be accumulated, collected and used. But you are not a thing, and neither is life.

Things are concepts and ideas of the human mind that through action have become manifest into the world. These, things have no life in them, nor can they bring life. 

But ‘LIFE’ is a continual unfolding, of the manifesting expression that is the symbiotic partnership of all that is conscious.

Life cannot be owned, it can only be shared, and when one shares their life they are connected with life. For Life IS sharing.

It is only the ego that can suffer, for ego is nothing but mind, and it is only the mind that can kill, steal, and destroy. 

Life however, goes on sharing down the ages. Even death, is simply another way that life shares itself too and with itself. Nothing is taken that is not replaced, nothing dies that is not reborn in some form or other.

To share, is to truly understand life as a verb instead of a noun. Life is not a thing, it is the expression of cosmic consciousness. To be put more correctly, life is lifing!!

To share is to see life without the veil that is the ego, and understand that nothing can actually be lost or gained. You can only but realise that you are part of the great symphony that is the harmonious song of existence.

You imply life, as much as life implies you

so there is nothing to gain, and nothing to lose.

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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