What is the point of Life?

“Ones identity can easily become attached to what you have, and far less connected to what you are. “

Trying to find yourself, in a world of accumulation, is comparable to trying to find a needle in a haystack.

As the saying goes, you come into the world with nothing, and you leave with nothing. So why all the need to fill our lives sky high with stuff?

It is not a bad thing to have nice things, but it can all become a heavy burden around your neck if your essence is lost under the acquisition of material hoarding.

Ones identity can easily become attached to what you have, and far less connected to what you are. 

This is often why there is such a strong fear of death amongst the people of the world. They know deep down that when the day comes to drop the physical body, that all they have invested in, purchased, and obtained will need to be left behind.

The never ending collecting of things is the ego’s most common way of keeping you from seeing your true self. 

You are simply naked and vulnerable, without the coverings of your worldly possessions. But in the realisation of your fragile existence in this vast universe, the truth is evident that the universe is for your existence, and even insists on your being.

Open before the grand scape of creation, a sense of deep security and acceptance arises in you, as you understand, that the fact that you even are, must be the very will of the cosmic intention.

There is nothing to posses, for life has possessed you

There is nothing to purchase, for life is free of charge

There is nothing to think, for life is aware

There is nowhere to go, for you are always ever here.

So what is the point of trying to find a needle in a hay stack? You are the point!

Always remember, you can never be lost. you can only hide, under the rubble of accumulation, identification and attachment. 

But as soon as you make contact with the self, all of a sudden you are connected to all that is. 

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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