What is spirituality?

what is spirituality anyway?

In this day and age it seems like another label that one can identify themselves or others by.  To be spiritual is to put yourself amongst the crystal cleansing, sage smudging, tarot card, palm reading astrologers, and is often referred to by logical minded people as woo.

We only need to go back a hundred years in our evolution, and the majority went to church temple or mosque, and observed some kind of devotion to a higher being or power.

Go back thousands of years and we see that religion was the science of the time.

Today it seems that the fastest growing religion, with the strongest held belief systems in its own ideology is science.

The forerunner of science was religion, and it has now run so far away with the batten of inquiry, that it has now formed its own cult of peer review and priestly establishment.

Even religion seems more scientific than science!

Prayer + repressed sexual urges = heaven

God=personality x3

All the while science is breaking life down into its constituent parts, in an attempt to understand what life is made of and how it functions, and ironically are now searching for what science has labeled as the God particle.

Both science and religion appear to be straying far from the point of inquiring into life.

Spirituality is life. Life is spiritual, in that it is both illogical and logical, physical and metaphysical, known and unknown.

To say that spirituality is based around some kind of moral standpoint, is to bring focus to a tiny part of what life is. In the same way, to seek to understand what the organism or cosmos is made of, is to divide the very life you are trying to understand.

Neither is right or wrong. But to insist that one has the way to understanding and knowledge over the other, is to make the part greater than the whole.

True spiritually is both religious and scientific, but is not obsessed with either. It knows that it doesn’t know, and also doesn’t know that it knows.

To be spiritual is to enjoy the whole painting that takes you to a deeper place inside, and also appreciates the skill of the slightest brush stroke.

To be spiritual is to be both/and, instead of either or.

It is to be a whole, instead of a part.

To be spiritual, is to be free of rule and regulation, and allow what is, to be as it is, as you play, interact, and most of all enjoy.

Let there be light

Saddhanta Ananda

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