Home is WHEN the heart Is

The journey that we must all travel, can take a day or a life time. It is the most essential journey that is spoken of in almost every story, movie, poem or pantomime. The journey of the heart. The way that we engage with this life is much like a game or drama. We eachContinue reading “Home is WHEN the heart Is”

You are what you see

The Hindu belief system says that the world is maya, what we call illusion in english language. To look at the world from the eye of the mystic, I can understand how the existence we each witness is not that same that each perceives. Inside each and every mind, we all have our own versionContinue reading “You are what you see”

If only you Knew

The amount of people that truely know themselves, would be very low. It is quite likely to be the same percentage as to the average time that the human being functions out of the conscious mind, as compared to the subconscious mind. It is a widely thought estimate that 95% of the brains activity isContinue reading “If only you Knew”

The Quantum Heart

Which is worse, a closed mind, or a closed heart? The human being is a fascinating mystery. There is no clear reason for its existence, and equally no consensus on the purpose of their being.  The planet on which this organism finds itself is such a wonder of precision, that for there to be anotherContinue reading “The Quantum Heart”

The Enlightened God

There are so many views on what enlightenment is, and what the difference is between enlightenment and awakening.   Some say that you awaken, and over time you reach enlightenment, as though enlightenment is a place or goal to reach. Others say that they have become enlightened in the flash of a moment, as thoughContinue reading “The Enlightened God”

Believe not

“The only thing that requires belief, is a lie.” We all live our lives in different ways, with different expressions and experiences.  Yet we all share the same things in common. We all are born, breathe, eat, sleep, learn, grow, feel and die. These are necessary, and are simply the facts of life, but whatContinue reading “Believe not”

Just the way you are

There are many things in this world that cause great neurosis in people, and the want for perfection is at the top of the list. There are many psychological issues that have been labelled and regarded as mental disease. In our understanding of disease I feel that the labels are unfair,  and seek to makeContinue reading “Just the way you are”

The most effective Meditation

When Gautama the Buddha was about to leave the body and the world, his closest disciple Ananda was deeply troubled and sad. For he had been with Buddha many years, and was very close to him, but he was also concerned, as he himself had not yet become enlightened. The Buddha’s last words to AnandaContinue reading “The most effective Meditation”

How the system has failed you

  “For learning is not something you do for the first 20 years of life. Learning, is what you are.” The society has a very violent education system, in that its intention is to force you into the very society that is teaching you. Its motivation is for you to become part of the matrixContinue reading “How the system has failed you”