The most effective Meditation

When Gautama the Buddha was about to leave the body and the world, his closest disciple Ananda was deeply troubled and sad. For he had been with Buddha many years, and was very close to him, but he was also concerned, as he himself had not yet become enlightened. The Buddha’s last words to AnandaContinue reading “The most effective Meditation”

How the system has failed you

  “For learning is not something you do for the first 20 years of life. Learning, is what you are.” The society has a very violent education system, in that its intention is to force you into the very society that is teaching you. Its motivation is for you to become part of the matrixContinue reading “How the system has failed you”

The glorious Youniverse

“It is only the mind that causes our neurosis and anxiety by its constant judging and fear of existence.” Albert Einstein was quoted to have said “the most important decision we make is wether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe”. He was truely an intelligent man, and his statement almost’s asksContinue reading “The glorious Youniverse”

What is spirituality?

what is spirituality anyway? In this day and age it seems like another label that one can identify themselves or others by.  To be spiritual is to put yourself amongst the crystal cleansing, sage smudging, tarot card, palm reading astrologers, and is often referred to by logical minded people as woo. We only need toContinue reading “What is spirituality?”

What is the point of Life?

“Ones identity can easily become attached to what you have, and far less connected to what you are. “ Trying to find yourself, in a world of accumulation, is comparable to trying to find a needle in a haystack. As the saying goes, you come into the world with nothing, and you leave with nothing.Continue reading “What is the point of Life?”

You Have Nothing to Lose

“You imply life, as much as life implies you so there is nothing to gain, and nothing to lose.” The idea of ownership has been the cause of all human suffering. It is the greatest pursuit of the ego, and the most deceiving illusion to the soul. When the word “mine”! first comes out ofContinue reading “You Have Nothing to Lose”


“The opposite of love is not hate, it is habit” Nothing brings the heart alive more than a fresh start or a new beginning. You become very present to the moment, and conscious to all that you are doing and experiencing. This is why falling in love feels like a life enhancement drug to theContinue reading “HOW TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF”